General Knowledge Questions & Answers – For these Week

General Knowledge Questions & Answers – For these Week

1.What is the Strongest part in the Human body?General Knowledge Questions & Answers - For these Week
Ans. Enamel teeth

2.Who is the First Indian to receive Jnanpeeth award?
Ans. G.Shankar Kurup

3.In which year Buddha was born at Lumbinivana?
Ans. 563 b.c

4.Who is the author of the book “Indian Philosophy”?
Ans. Dr.S.Radhakrishana

5.What is the Official language of Sathavahanas?
Ans. Prakrit

6.Which period is called as Indian ‘Golden Age’or ‘classical Age’?
Ans. Gupta’s period

7.Which country has highest producer of Rubber?
Ans. Malaysia

8.Who built the great ‘Golconda Fort’?
Ans. Quli Qutub Shah

9.Who is the first Sikh guru and founder of Sikhism?
Ans. Guru Nanak

10.National Sugar Research Institute is located in which place?
Ans. Kanpur

11.Garba dance is related to which state?
Ans. Gujarat

12.Name the city,which is the most populous city in India?
Ans. Mumbai

13.In which Year first Battle of Panipat started?
Ans. 1526

14.Who invented the Printing Press?
Ans. J.Gutenberg

15.Which Instrument is used to measure strength of Electric Current?
Ans. Ammeter

16.Which blood group is called as Universal Donor?
Ans. ‘O’blood group

17.Which country is the ‘Sick man of Europe’?
Ans. Turkey

18.Who is the chairman of Planning Commission?
Ans. Prime Minister

19.Who discovered the Electro Magnetic Induction?
Ans. Micheal Faraday

20.Who introduced the ‘Civil services’in India?
Ans. Lord Cornwalls

21.How many gauges are there in the Indian Railways?
Ans. Four(4)

22.Kanha national park is located in which state?
Ans. Madhaya Pradesh

23.Ajanta Caves are located in which state?
Ans. Maharashtra

24.What is the largest bone in the human body?
Ans. Femur

25.Who asserted the ‘Do or Die’ in Quit India movement?
Ans. Gandhi

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