General Knowledge Quiz – Civil Service

General Knowledge Quiz – Civil Service

1.How many no.of Judges  in International Court of Justice (ICJ)?
Ans. 15

2.Name the river,which is Longest river in Asia?
Ans. Yongtze

3.Brahmaputra river is also called as ___
Ans. Tsangpo

4.Which is the first vertebral bone?
Ans. Atlas

5.Who is the first foreign recipient of Bharat Ratna?
Ans. Abdul Gaffar Khan

6.Name the gasses,Which are main gasses present in sun?
Ans. Hydrogen & Helium

7.What is the Brightest planet in the solar system?
Ans. Venus

8.Which river is also called as Yellow river?
Ans. Hwang Ho

9.Name the lake,which is Deepest lake in the world?
Ans. Lake Baikal

10.Who is the father of Indian Renaissance?
Ans. Raja Rama Mohan Roy

11.Which instrument is used to measure Pressure of gasses?
Ans. Manometer

12.Who is the first governor general of India?
Ans. William Bentick

13.Who invented the Dynamite?
Ans. Alfred Nobel

14.Who discovered the Neutron?
Ans. James Chadwick

15.What is the unit of Electric Resistance?
Ans. Ohm

16.Who is the father of modern Chemistry?
Ans. Lavoisier

17.Which state is known as India’s Spice Garden?
Ans. Kerala

18.Who has also known as Napolean of India?
Ans. SamudraGupta

19.What is the scientific name of Rice?
Ans. Oryza Sativa

20.Who written the book “Panchatantra”?
Ans. Vishnu Sharma

21.Who introduced the English in India?
Ans. Lord William Bentick

22.The Quit India movement was started in which year?
Ans. 1942

23.Which metal is used in pencil lead?
Ans. Graphite

24.Which waterfall is the India’s Highest Waterfall?
Ans. Kunchikal falls

25.When was started the second Panipat battle between Akbar and Hemu?
Ans. 1556

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